Stitch Fix Engineering and Data Science

We are reinventing the retail industry through innovative technology.

We're a full-stack startup creating unique solutions in data-driven merchandising, massively scaled personal styling, and complex logistics. We value very lightweight planning, continuous deployment, little tech debt, no product managers.


Our multi-app, event-driven application architecture drives both scale and flexibility.

Many applications and services

There are no monoliths here. Each application in our platform has a clear and distinct purpose and all of them are built in house. That means small, clean code bases with little technical debt and lots of flexibility. We use RabbitMQ to send messages about real-world events to other apps which decide whether or not to do something with them. This de-coupled, asynchronous architecture allows us to scale with ease and add or change components as needed. We use a combination of shared gems and RESTful services to share synchronous business logic between our systems.

Product is our primary concern

We hire engineers with great Product instincts because we are also the Product team. Building great software is a collaborative effort, so we work directly with stakeholders in the business. We deliver products & solutions—not features—because we understand how Stitch Fix works and are trusted to focus our time and effort where they are needed most.

More about Stitch Fix Engineering

We use technologies like PostgreSQL, Redis, ElasticSearch and RabbitMQ along with various private gems and RESTful services to tie them all together. We work from San Francisco, Pittsburgh and remotely, and we use Heroku, GitHub, Google Hangouts, Blue Jeans, Screen Hero, and HipChat to help us build it all.

We are looking for people who share our values. We like to move quickly and ship lots of code, but in a considered way. We use TDD, CI, and detailed and focused code reviews to ensure we can keep the pace up without sacrificing quality.

Introducing new tools and technology is a part of our culture, and we debate such additions by looking at running code that solves a real business problem. This avoids dogma and focuses us directly on what we want to accomplish and how a new tool could do that.

We work closely with the people running the business, under the assumption that they know best about what they need to do their jobs. Our job is to solve business problems and some of our proudest moments come from solving those problems without a line of code.

Data Science

We breathe data, do awesome data science and engineering, and develop cutting-edge algorithms.


At Stitch Fix we’re pioneering uncharted territories. Data is the fundamental unit of our business model and to succeed we have some of the brightest and most highly motivated individuals on our team. It’s in our nature to get things done, formulate novel and creative solutions to complex problems, and communicate our results through awesome visualizations.


We commit to our recommendations by physically delivering them to our clients. Our business requires a mix of art and science in everything we do: from buying inventory to sending the right items to the right clients.


Bright, Kind, Goal-oriented.


We have really interesting problems to solve due to our unique business model and hire really bright people to tackle them. If it were easy everyone would be doing it, right? We start with problems and goals and work collaboratively to come to the right solutions.


It's not just being clever that makes you a good fit at Stitch Fix. We really value how well our team works together and kindness a huge part of it. Working with people we enjoy being around and that make us excited to start work each day is a big part of our success.


We love people who are driven and self-motivated. We are a not a heavily process-driven organization. We value autonomy combined with results. No one likes to be micro-managed and we don't want to manage people that way either.



Jeff Barrett

Jeff San Francisco


Jon Dean

Jon Pittsburgh

Warehouse & Logistics

Joel Strait

Joel San Francisco


Dave Copeland

Dave Washington, DC

Warehouse & Logistics

Andy Peterson

Andy San Francisco

Client Experience

Nick Reavill

Nick San Francisco


David McClain

David San Francisco


Joe Cannatti

Joe San Francisco

Client Experience

Jim Fung

Jim San Francisco

Client Experience

Simeon Willbanks

Simeon Long Beach


Pete Dudek

Pete Pittsburgh

Warehouse & Logistics

Eric Gravert

Eric Pittsburgh

Warehouse & Logistics

Deanna Alcorn

Deanna San Francisco

Client Experience

David Chang

David San Francisco

Client Experience

Mitch Dempsey

Mitch Orange County


Emma Colner

Emma San Francisco


Chris Castleman

Chris San Francisco

Client Experience

Flora Lee

Flora San Francisco

Client Experience

Nicola Adamchik

Nicola Pittsburgh

Warehouse & Logistics

Geoff Thé

Geoff San Francisco

Warehouse & Logistics

Rachel Bobbins

Rachel San Francisco

Client Experience


Brian Cleveland

Brian Pittsburgh

Aaron Brown

Aaron San Francisco

Data science

Bhaskar Rao

Bhaskar San Francisco

Eric Colson

Eric San Francisco

Alan Eng

Alan San Francisco

Brad Klingenberg

Brad San Francisco

Daragh Sibley

Daragh San Francisco

Eli Bressert

Eli San Francisco

Deep Ganguli

Deep San Francisco

Cian Menzel-Jones

Cian San Francisco

Jeff Magnusson

Jeff San Francisco

Paolo Massimi

Paolo San Francisco

Jas Khela

Jas San Francisco

Kelty Allen

Kelty San Francisco

Jay Martin

Jay San Francisco

Nick Kridler

Nick San Francisco

Kyle Schmaus

Kyle San Francisco

Greg Novak

Greg San Francisco

Kim Larsen

Kim San Francisco

Tara Lydiard-Martin

Tara San Francisco

Zhou Yu

Zhou San Francisco

John McDonnel

John San Francisco

Richie Li

Richie San Francisco

Ewan Oglethorpe

Ewan San Francisco

Alex Chen

Alex San Francisco

Chris Moody

Chris San Francisco

Joerg Fritz

Joerg San Francisco

Patrick Foley

Patrick San Francisco